Terracotta Candles

Discover the captivating allure of our handmade scented terracotta candles handcrafted by the Dalit People in the heart of India.
Every one of our candles tells a story of tradition, heritage, and empowerment.

We believe that Dalit candles stand as a beacon of ethical craftsmanship and environmental consciousness, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional tea light candles. Scents include our original Lavender & Vanilla, Rose, Jasmine and Coconut.

Every purchase of a Dalit candle contributes directly to our mission of empowerment. Our terracotta candles are lovingly handcrafted by the resilient Dalit community, providing them with dignified livelihoods and sustainable income opportunities.

At our core, we are committed to fostering positive change and social impact. By supporting Dalit Goods, you are not only embracing ethical consumption but also championing the rights and well-being of the Dalit people.

Explore our range of ethically sourced products and discover the beauty of making a difference. Other products include coconut oil-based soap, authentic Indian spice sets, incense oils, 100% organic cotton pyjamas, hand-painted candle stick holders, tiffin-style lunch boxes and so much more!

Our beautiful potted candles sit perfectly in your home or garden. Once finished, why not reuse your pot into a plant pot or pen pot?
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All Dalit candles are handmade by the Dalit people of India and the purchase of these candles supports our work with street children of this people group.
To learn more about our impactful work with street children within the Dalit community, visit our website at www.lifeassociation.org.uk.

For wholesale enquires please visit – https://www.dalit.co.uk/trade-registration/