Not just a candle

Dalit Goods - not just a candle

Not just a candle...

We want to spread the word that our Dalit candles are so much more than just a candle. You are not just purchasing a candle, you are supporting some of the poorest people in the world.

For over 3000 years the Dalits – or Untouchables – have been positioned at the bottom of India's society and are subject to the most aggressive and dehumanising abuse. They are born into a culture that devalues them from birth with society considering them lower than animals. The term ‘Dalit’ literally translates to downtrodden or oppressed and there are 250 million Dalits who are exposed to this injustice.

We believe that the injustice of the Dalits is the biggest human rights issue in the world today - Please help us make a difference.

If you would like a copy of this graphic or any other POS for your shop, or your church or to give along with a product please email us - [email protected]